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Anonymous murmured: Hey Loni! wondering where you got your CK underwear from? The bralette is impossible to find! xxx

Robina Calvin’s store x

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Anonymous murmured: Have you had trouble editing your book? Will it be out before the summer? Please update us! Xx

Yes I have had some issues with a few different editors and proof readers but it’s on track now!! I get it back from the editor next week so it should be avail not long after that!’ 👏👏

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jessfreedomzine murmured: Does Rowdy have a white tongue? I've been wondering if clean eating breastfed babies get a white tongue along with breastfed babies who's mothers don't eat as clean. Could it be toxicity given to baby and is showing up on the tongue? Any thoughts?

No Rowdys never had a white tounge. A lot of people who have white tounge including kids and adults is due to candida and/or poor diet. It pretty much a gooey coating of bacteria. I Usto have it a few years back when I was super unhealthy along with bad breath. ew. Not any more thanks to fruit!!

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Helping Daddy work on his bike 👻
You know summer is on it’s way when you can wear your kinis first thing in the morning ☀️👌
Endless curiosity. The smallest things most people take for granted are so amazing to little ones
Anonymous murmured: Candice is your inspiration? I mean, do you like fashion and models? Who are your fave models? xx

Yeah I think candice is a beauty. Lean but athletic and seems like a sweet soul. And very naturally beautiful.

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mollyelsa murmured: Love the way you live your life. What is the meaning behind Eleven Eleven?

It’s has a long list of meanings but mostly to break it down it means awareness x

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helloimkatethisismyblog murmured: How did you prepare the banana for Rowdy? Mash or purée? Xx and what else has he had? Just getting my little one ready to start solids. Thanks

I just put in one of those mesh feeders that they hold and just let him go for it by him self. They are the best for starting out!

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Anonymous murmured: Hey Loni! Do you dye your hair? I've dyed mine for years (really light blonde) and I haven't dyed it in about 7 months but my roots are quite a bit darker than the rest of my hair and they're growing out a sort of greyish color. I think it's starting to look kinda bad. Is there anything you can suggest to help?

I haven’t dyed my hair in years. A good way to naturally lighten hair is lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide and sunshine!

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Anonymous murmured: Did u read Tizze Hall's Save our Sleep??

Na I haven’t herd of it. What is it?

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pleasureofthedamned murmured: Blackstrap molasses question!! I remember reading somewhere you said that you take BSM twice a day, morning and night and I know you take it in the morning with water before you eat anything, but I was wondering when you would take it at night.. would it be a before bed type of thing? thank you so much! I hope you and your family are doing well!!:) xx

Yeah I take it just before bed it whenever you remember really. It’s best taken with high vitamin C foods or juices x

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Anonymous murmured: what have you been eating for dinners lately? I am in need of some serious inspiration!!!

Iv been eating a lot of loaded smoothie bowls! To yum and you can really get super creative and use what you have . Rice paper rolls as well are awesome cause you can pretty much just make a salad of anything and wrap it up 👍 x

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Anonymous murmured: are there any health/fashion blogs you look at on the regular? would be interested to check them out as well!!! :)

4th and bleeker , elin Kling and into the gloss and a few of my faves x

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