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Chewy, crunchy, sweet and mylky. Raw cereal with sliced bananas and dates in hemp Mylk (blended hemp seeds with water and vanilla) topped with @orgamix_ coconut flakes and coconut sugar πŸ‘Œ hit the spot!
Anonymous murmured: Hi Loni, what would you say has been your biggest struggle being a new parent? There are so many amazing experiences but it can Definately be challenging x

Biggest challenge?? Probably self care and alone time with my partner. You just have to make the time even of it’s half an hour here and there. It’s important to practice self love and love between two loves. It helps me give love easier and more of it when I love myself and feel loved from my partner x

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Anonymous murmured: Where does Rowdy sleep now? In bassinet still or a cot? And in your room or his own? Xx

He is sleeping in his cot now πŸ‘ big boy!

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Anonymous murmured: What do you use for a spaghetti sauce like a recipe?

I either make my own with tomatoes basil and garlic or buy a organic low fat low sodium jar sauce πŸ‘

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Anonymous murmured: Hey loni :) do you apply heat to your hair? Like blow drying/straightening? Thanks!

No I never straighten my hair and %99 of the time I let my hair dry naturally.

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allthingsfitandpretty murmured: how do you dehydrate your bananas

I use a bio chef dehydrator x

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Anonymous murmured: Did you find that you started to value possessions and material things less and less the more you transitioned into a raw vegan?

Ohhh yeah. It’s a funny feeling, cause I feel like I fight against it daily. There is a part of me that feels like I don’t want to ‘own’ anything and then there is a part of me that feels I need certain things. I guess it’s about finding a balance between what you ‘need’and what you ‘want’

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Anonymous murmured: Loni, what's your current exercise routine?

ATM it’s just lots if walking with Rowdy in the pram, any where and everywhere. That’s pretty much it, going to start back at bikram yoga soonπŸ‘

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Anonymous murmured: Hey there :) i was wondering if you have any experiences with acai detox powder? I saw it in store and didn't know if I should buy.. It says it is 100% acai and you should put it for example in yogurt. Do you think it is helpful or would you recommend it? Love your insta and I wish you and your family all the best! xx

Acai freeze dried powder is great and you can blend it up with smoothies or make an acai bowl by blending with frozen bananas and apple juice!

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Anonymous murmured: What camera do you use? Your pics are awesome! X

Canon 5d or my IPhone :)

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Anonymous murmured: Fave juice atm?

Celery/ apple x

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evellen murmured: Hey would love to know where you got the dried cranberry powder from? I can only find it online . Excited for your ebook! You inspired my transition to this lifestyle xx

From Mrs Flannerys organic supermarket x

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SEXY BREAKFAST. Maqui powder blended with frozen nanas and apple juice topped with mango and kiwi. I added cinnamon after the photo aswellπŸ‘Œ

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