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Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.        In love with this thing!  Iv been using this bad boy for a while now and it’s rad, Seriously sa good. It’s got all different heads so you can use a big brush on your body too. If your interested in getting one Iv got a discount code for you so you can get 70% off (winning!!) by using code SPIN4LONI at       www.vanity-planet.com/spin-for-perfect-skin-351                        @salt_store scrub and of course the trusty bentonite clay keeping my skin smooooooth. X
Cosy peanut.
I’ve been drinking… Watermelon.
populationphilosophical murmured: Hey loni just wondering where you get your date rolls from or if you have a recipe? stay rad x

i buy them bulk (order them in) at local fruit stores :) you can make them easy buy blended dates and rolling them in coconut x

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Anonymous murmured: Do you eat broccoli, cauliflower? What are your thought on them??

i do love them but i don’t eat them often anymore due to them making Rowdy gassy through my milk. I will introduce them again soon. they are super healthy and so yum x

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Anonymous murmured: Do you think 250g of brown rice pasta is too much?

no way. thats the minimum amount 

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Anonymous murmured: Where do you find your inspiration for putting meals together? You rule girl!!

i just try and get creative and use what i have in my fridge or pantry. i always make the best meals when i have only a few different ingredients left in the house and just have to make do! thats when the magic happens  x

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Anonymous murmured: What are your thoughts on soy products? Thank you lovely!

No good. I have recently given up all soy (i usto have tamari sometimes) but fermented soy (soy sauce/tamari/ miso) is better than lets say soy milk or something like that. but i have done a tone of research on soy and the effect it has on hormones and that a lot of soybeans at GM. i feel if you are going to consume it make sure its always organic. on the rare occasion fine, but daily intake of soy i dunno. thats just my opinion.

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Anonymous murmured: What should I throw in with frozen acai to make a badass smoothie? Thanks mama xoxo

apple juice and bananas! or mixed berries and banana. mango and bananas x

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boldengrace murmured: Love you blog Loni! So excited to see the E-Book I can burst. Have you given any thought to changing your tumblr template? I love reading all the posts. So much great info, but its hard to read :/ Then I loose my spot, and have to start over, or be creative and take snaps. Love ya!

yes il get onto changing it cause your one of many that has said this! thanks :) 

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Anonymous murmured: Hey Loni - I have been taking BSM & Maca powder for the last few weeks and have noticed less PMS & period pain - you have said maca is great for the reproductive system so just wondered if it might be connected - also my cycle has changed too. Love your work you inspire me daily!!! Sophie

yes of course it connected :) super happy it is working for you x

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Anonymous murmured: Hi Loni, how do you get your hair so beautifully naturally wavy? Like in the picture when you are sat on a bed in a hotel room with a hat on holding rowdy in his teddy bear onesie? Your hair looks gorgeous and so effortless! xx

im so slack with my hair i don’t dry it or straighten it i just let it dry without brushing it and sometimes it dries nice sometimes not hahah. my hair aint perfect i certainly have bad hair days like everyone else x

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Anonymous murmured: What do you suggest for people who hate tomatoes but want to give the vegan lifestyle a go?

just skip the tomatoes, there is plenty of other food you can eat! 

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